Secondhand Sparkle and Connections Cafe

A safe place for you to belong

Why have a shop and cafe in Hondon? We are a registered charity. We raise money to help those in need in our local area and all around the world. This community run project is an excellent way to fund raise and have fun at the same time. We hope that you’ll love it just as much as we do?

The opening hours of the shop and cafe are based around the availability of our lovely volunteers, so for now we are open at the following times:

TUESDAY – 11am – 2pm

THURSDAY – 11am – 4pm

SUNDAY – 12:30pm – 2pm

Secondhand Sparkle Charity Shop

Our volunteer run Charity Shop has been set up to offer good quality ‘pre-loved’ items at a reasonable suggested price*

We like to use the phrase Donate, Shop, Repeat! If you have something to give then we’ll grateful receive it with thanks. If you want to buy then do so knowing that you are blessing others. Then, tell all your friends so that they can help as well.

Connections Cafe

While you shop, why not have some Tea, Coffee and Cake in our beautiful community cafe?

All items are priced as suggested donations* and every euro goes towards helping people in need live a better life.

Volunteer with us

If you think you could spare a few hours every week we’d love to hear from you. Pop in and talk to us about the exciting opportunities that we have for you to ‘give a little back’ to society and to make new friends along the way.

* All donation pricing is purely a ‘suggested price’ based on market values. The purchaser can offer an alternative ‘suggest price’ if they wish to do so. The centre is owned by Acorn International Ministries, a non-government, non-profit Christian organisation. The ministry has been registered since 2001 with the UK Charities Commission number 1093557. Spanish reg number N0243391J