Worship, that’s just music right?

At the dream centre we dream big because we have a big God!

It is so much easier to be motivated out of love than out of fear, the lovers will always outperform the workers. That is why loving Jesus is very important to us.

We have a number of experienced worship leaders and musicians who truly love Jesus. During our meetings they will take us to the foot of the cross so that we can experience the awe and wonder of our creator.

Our main aim is to find that intimate place where we can be close to God, thanking him for who he is, and accepting that we are his Sons and Daughters.

The worship songs that we sing are not some kind of a performance, we don’t seek to entertain ourselves. Our goal is to please God by allowing his Holy Spirit to be free in our meetings.

Worship to us is more than a song, it’s how we live our life. We want to show God what he’s ‘Worth’ to us, so when we live our lives in a way that pleases Him, we are actually living a life of ‘Worth-ship’ or ‘Worship’.